Youth Services

Inspiring Our Youth

MNC Youth Development programming offers a variety of community-based, culturally-rich services to both youth and families. Youth Services provides an array of services from Out Of School time activities, to Care Management services, and Teen Programming. Our sites include Precita Valley Community Center and Mission Girls Services; as well as off-site services offered in various community spaces across the city through our educational support program. Precita Valley Community Center, helps underserved youth, teens, and their families through educational enrichment, recreational activities and care management services. Mission Girls facility is focused on the needs of Latinas and girls of color by offering a safe space for girls to gain self-awareness, engage in critical thinking and become change agents in the community.

Educational Supports is provided through GED classes and ESL programming to TAY throughout San Francisco. Family support and wrap-around services for parents are also provided in all of our programs through our partnership with MNC’s FRCs.

Precita After School Program

A free afterschool program that provides a safe space for youth ages 7-13. Program focus includes: Homework assistance, Cultural Identity, Leadership Development, Violence Prevention, Career Exploration, and Sports and Recreation.

Safe Haven

Safe Haven serves middle school participants and provides them with career path inspiration and training. Focusing primarily on low-income, undocumented or at-risk youth, the Safe Haven program focuses on Green Energy, Climate Change, and Renewable Resource Career Education. Safe Haven features groups that run in 8-week cohorts both in or outside of SFUSD schools.

Home Detention

The HDP program provides supervision, care management and supportive services to low level, at-risk youth or first time offenders awaiting court disposition as an alternative to detention. We use a holistic approach to help our youth face the juvenile court system with the key goal of reducing recidivism.

Roadmap to Peace

Utilizing a holistic and wrap around approach that is culturally rooted, the Roadmap to Peace Initiative is a community-driven effort aimed at improving the health and wellness, safety, and economic well-being of Latinx youth in San Francisco. As a partner, MNC provides care management services to youth who are vulnerable to violence, have not completed high school, need work force development, have experienced the criminal justice system and/or youth who are prepared to positively transform their lives. RTP also provides supportive services for young or soon to be fathers, which includes a 13 week cohort on developing parenting skills and anger management.

Young Queens on the Rise

Young Queens provides individual care management services for young women 10-24 years old. The program strives to educate and empower participants to make healthier choices. Young Queens is designed to meet the needs of participants who are involved in the juvenile justice system and attend group as part of a court order, or through self-referral. Young women meet weekly to explore social issues, build sisterhood and participate in community events, fundraisers and field trips.


Real Arising Issues Creating Empowered Students (RAICES) consists of weekly girls’ circles that are provided at various middle and high schools throughout the city. Girls are given the space to explore and voice concerns about issues affecting their lives; and acquire the skills and resources to deal with challenges they may face in the future. Girls work year round developing presentation and dictation skills. During the summer, girls focus on showcasing their research and culminate with a summer showcase presentation after their internships.

Mission Girls

Out of school time activities for female-identifying youth in grades 1st through 8th during after school program and summer camp. Transportation from school is provided. Services include academic support/enrichment; movement and recreation; educational field trips, emerging leadership skills, gender-affirming empowerment, and sisterhood. Skill-building workshops include topics such as health, living skills, multimedia arts, cooking and cultural enrichment, social justice and digital media. Mission Girls participants model community-building practices, pro-social skills and resilience in the San Francisco community.

GED Services

The GED program provides year-round tutoring and support for GED students. A Pearson Testing site is built right onto the campus for maximum ease of testing and comprehensive educational support for students.

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