“MNC’s mission is to serve as the bridge to hope and uplifting opportunities”

At MNC Inspiring Success we strive to be Courageous, Trustworthy, and Supportive. Those words state our values and are also the lifeblood that moves each of us and makes us a unique and diverse community. We are proud to be among the most diverse non-profits in the San Francisco Bay Area. For us it is a lived experience.

Our mission “to serve as a bridge to hope and uplifting opportunities” is at the core of our passion for connecting with and serving people. We don’t see clients, agents, cases, and deliverables only. We see, feel, and live with people whom all of us at MNC are committed to inspiring and helping find pathways to success.

Our strategic planning sessions represent a period of immense growth personally and professionally for many of our staff and leaders. It allowed us to evaluate what the next three years are going to look like for us and what we can do now so we can better serve the people and communities we love to see thrive.

Please join us with your passion for our mission as we continue to promote growth, opportunities, provide guidance and leadership for all those we serve and will continue to serve for many years into the future.

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