Family Services

Supporting Strong Families

The Family Resources System at MNC consist of two comprehensive Family Resource Centers (FRC) with a multitude of wraparound services to serve the Latino community and is inclusive of all cultural backgrounds.

After recognizing the need for comprehensive family services in San Francisco, MNC invested in the development of two Family Resource Centers. MNC’s vision is to build a network of parents and families who are connected to the resources that meet their needs and are supported in the care of their children. By mitigating challenges for the family—employment, financial, educational, health and wellbeing, social capital, etc.— MNC’s approach to service provision addresses family needs in a coordinated, systematic, effort. The conglomeration of services provided through MNC’s Family Resource Center facilities ensures we are able to connect families to a continuum of care which addresses a variety of needs in one location. Family-based services provide a holistic network of resources which address individual parent needs—simultaneously strengthening both the family unit and the community.

Family Resource Centers

Our Family Resource Centers deliver community based services to low-income families, with children between the ages 0-17. There are two FRC’s located at MNC Alegria Campus in the Mission District, and another in the Bayview at the MNC Evans Campus. The FRC provides intensive case management, family advocacy, parenting education, peer support groups, and leadership development.

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