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Program Overview

A variety of preschool options are available, including full-day Head Start, State Preschool and Infant Toddler care, full-day tuition-based (private pay) services.

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Educational Goals and Objectives

School Readiness” is a term we use to mean that…

  • Children possess the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for success in school and for later learning and life.
  • For parents and families, school readiness means they are engaged in the long-term, lifelong success of their child. We believe parents are their children’s primary teachers and advocates.

Our school readiness objective is to achieve and promote the following educational goals through effective early childhood instruction:

  • Social Competency: children possess the self-regulation skills to control their bodies and their emotions and to pay attention, and the language & problem-solving skills to resolve conflicts appropriately and to develop positive, rewarding relationships with adults & peers.
  • Emergent/Early Literacy: children appreciate books (looking through them independently & being read to); associate print symbols with sounds, recognize the letters of the alphabet, especially those in their name, recognize and write their first name, and begin to be able to recognize some words in print.
  • Emergent Math & Science: children can count accurately up to at least twenty, have one-to-one correspondence (object to number/ number to object), recognize and make patterns and sequences, estimate quantities, make measurements, predict outcomes, have a basic understanding of life cycles, seasons, etc.
  • Health & Nutritional Awareness: children understand and implement the basics of good health – nutritious foods, exercise, rest, hygiene, and safety. We provide children and their parents with education about good nutrition and health practices to promote a healthy weight and good habits for life.
  • Cultural Identity & Awareness: children learn to recognize and appreciate what makes them who they are – their family composition and traditions, their language, customs, history, place of origin, etc. They also learn to appreciate what makes others who they are, and recognize that all people have some things in common and some things that are different from each other. Children learn to be proud of their culture, family, and heritage and to value that of others.

What We Do Every Day – To Achieve School Readiness Goals

For Parents:

  • We welcome parents into the classroom, provide them with training & leadership opportunities, & value them as partners in their child’s education.
  • We provide evidence-based parenting education to help parents in their role as primary educators and as advocates for their child and family.

For Children:

  • We provide a high-quality evidence-based bilingual preschool curriculum that is fully inclusive of children with special needs.
  • We utilize evidence-based strategies, or best practices, to ensure every child achieves their highest potential & school readiness.

For Teachers/ Staff:

  • We support child development staff in achieving their educational and professional goals, & provide training opportunities to help them in their work.
  • We promote & encourage a work culture of professionalism, respect, and continuous improvement.
  • We recognize staff accomplishments, & reward outstanding staff performances with opportunities for advancement, as feasible within the program.
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