Maria Rosario Renderos


Maria del Rosario Renderos has been an active member of the Mission community since coming to the Bay Area from her native El Salvador. Ms. Renderos has contributed leadership to Mission Neighborhood Centers since 2008, when she first became a Head Start parent. She served as President of the Head Start District Policy Council for three years thereafter, and has been on the Board of Directors for the past two years. Previously, Ms. Renderos also dedicated herself to Project Shine where she volunteered as an ESL tutor for adults. As the proud mother of three children, Ms. Renderos is also the Parent Founder of the One Purpose Charter School, which is designed for Bay Area children of poverty to get to and graduate from college. Ms. Renderos recently earned her A.A. in Social & Behavioral Sciences from City College San Francisco and is currently studying toward her Bachelors of Science.