Children’s Services Division


Thank you so much for EVERYTHING YOU DO AND HAVE DONE!! starting here has not only been great for James but for me too! Every hurdle or struggle I have faced since he started I was not facing alone. From Christmas gifts, to finding a doctor, to finding a home.of our own. You and your facility have gone above And beyond every expectation I have had!  If you have a supervisor or customer comment website please let me.know. The work you and your staff do is amazing. It brings a tear to my eye thinking about all you have already done, and we are only on week 3 of care.

I hope you know how much my family and I appreciate you, and hope that you know how good you are at the job you do.

Thank you again…

JB, 1/8/17


Our son started preschool as one of the youngest in his class-we were a little nervous about taking him out of daycare but he is thriving at Centro de Alegria. He loves his teachers and his friends, tells us about the wonderful activities he does every day, and is excited to go to school each morning.

RD, 2/14/17